In my humble opinion, William Shakespeare is one of the most brilliant writers in history. His words captivate my mind and create clear images in my head, as if one of his plays was playing out live in front of me, full cast and crew.

What’s my favorite Shakespeare play?

Is that even a fair question to ask? I have read all of Shakespeare’s canon and each time I re-visit his works I develop new favorites. But, as of right now… King Henry the VI, parts I, II, and III. A history play! Who knew I could love a history play so much! Trust me, give it a chance. Read through it or find an excellent production to watch and you may feel the same way.

How rude of me not to introduce myself in my very first post!! My name is Miranda, notice anything special with that name?

It was created by William Shakespeare!

In 1610-11 the play The Tempest was written by (you guessed it…) Billy Shakes. He wrote a character named Miranda, a charming, admirable, young woman who is known to captivate audiences with her compassion, honesty, and beauty.

Funny thing is, while I attended The University of Central Missouri I was cast as Ariel in The Tempest.. this made for a confusing first few rehearsals. The brilliant director (John Wilson, very brilliant), would say “Miranda, stage left” and me and the actress playing Miranda (also brilliant) would both move. It was finally decided that in rehearsals I would be called “Ariel”. While I enjoyed the character of Ariel with all of my heart and soul….


I could not think of a better name to fit me than that of Miranda.

Miranda The Tempest

Thank you for reading my first post! And don’t forget, whatever you do today.. remember to be kind and compassionate. 

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