In my humble opinion…

There is no better game system than that of the Nintendo 64. Don’t get me wrong, I still love playing the classic Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo. Shout out to the Game Cube as well!  But, nothing excites my gamer heart quite like the N64.


There are so many wonderful games to choose from: Paper Mario, Banjo Kazooie, Kirby, Yoshi… too many to list. Among all of the wonderful games, one in particular rises to the top. It shines like a bright shooting star on a pitch dark night. Its like chocolate layered cake, with no calories, but all of the flavor one may expect in the perfect slice. A beacon of light on a foggy night. One of the closest things to perfection that has graced my life.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This game folks. THIS. GAME. 

I can’t stop playing it, over and over. There is just something about trying to save Hyrule that really motivates me. Really… motivation. I think it is a combination of the story line, challenging levels, hidden layers, and the incredible music that provides me with a spark in my mind.

Playing this game makes me want to write, sing, dance, act… it makes me want to create.

I never dreamed that a video game would be so inspiring to me, but it is. And it continues to be. One of the things that I would love the most is if a movie came out with a new adventure of the land of Hyrule. Ever stop to think what Hyrule would be like in the future? I do. And I truly feel this would make an amazing movie. If there is a Hyrule there would be a Princess Zelda and this would be a DREAM role for me! That is, if Link would be cast as a man… if cast as a woman, I am all over that role as well. Intense stage combat, fast rides on Epona, and saving the land from strangely evil creatures.

Oh what a dream this would be!

And maybe… if Nintendo ever decides to sell the rights to a movie, I am all over those auditions! I am a firm believer in the thought that if you want something, put it out there. It does not mean this will ever happen, but you never know if you don’t have a dream you are willing to act on!

I will continue to wish that a Zelda movie will be made, but until then, I will continue my passionate affair with playing the different Zelda games.



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